RoboRealm 2.18

RoboRealm 2.18: Robotic Machine Vision Software processing. Through an easy to use analysis pipeline you can add image processing filters to translate an image into robotic movements, computer actions, or just plain fun! Image and/or video processing can be technically difficult. Home robots are continuously moving towards high powered PC based systems that are capable of supporting complex image processing functions. Sometimes you just need a testbed of current image processing applications to

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Media Studio 1.0

processing, especially for those looking for digital media batch processing tool. It focuses on media processing for home users, everyone can enjoy the smart design, very friendly user interface, various art effects, high efficiency media processing, visual edit, easy understandable help, professional customer supports and much more. It will free you of learning much professional knowledge in media processing, supply you with the user interface that

rich effect, friendly interface, batch operation, media processing

Credit Card Processing 1: Solve a fun and powerful puzzle and get Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Processing 1

Solve a fun and powerful puzzle and get Credit Card Processing! It`s fun! Just solve the puzzle and get a black centurion credit card! At the same time, learn about Credit Card Processing too! It`s easy too! Just try it many times!

credit card processing, game, puzzle

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VideoCog 2.2

A digital video processing component for VB.NET, C#, and managed C++ applications. Drag-and-drop onto any windows form to add powerful, flexible capture, processing, analysis, and recording support to new and existing windows forms applications. Support for most Webcams, Camcorders, TV Tuner cards, and other Firewire / IEEE 1394 image acquisition devices. Includes DVizion, a high performance image processing library designed for DV.

multimedia, components, computer vision, digital video, firewire, video capture, software, ieee 1394, vb net, cogitance, component based development

E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK 1.30: E.M. Multilayer Image Processing Software Development Kit
E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK 1.30

E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK is a cross-platform multilayer image processing software development kit. It can process multilayer images on many different platforms. It can add frame, mask and shadow to your images, and convert text to image, and also contains basal functions to process image as gray, threshold, blur, stretch, rotate and so on. At last, it makes these images together then creates a fancy picture.

image process, create a collage, shadow, digital picture collage, digital photo collage, multilayer image, cross platform, multiple platform, digital scrapbooking software, multiple layer, image sdk, make a collage, mask

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TVSAssistant - Panasonic VPS administration software for TVS50 Voice Processing System.

Processing System (KX-TVS50) parameters. With the help of TVSAssistant you can easily and quickly do the following: Create Custom Mailboxes; Create Custom Service Menu; Set Operator Call Handling; Set Telephone/Pager Notification; Set all other Panasonic Voice Processing System parameters. TVSAssistant has a simple interface for changing Panasonic KX-TVS50 Voice Processing System parameters. All parameters are divided into groups according to their

voicemail administrating, tvs to pc, voice mail, tvp50, vps software, tvs 50, panasonic, tvs50 programming, vm management

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Cyber Orders Processing 6.0.2006

Processing system handles all the orders made by your customers from the time it is placed to the dispatching of the orders. The system manages your stock and reorder levels, your suppliers, sales staff, shippers, product and product categories. It is a nightmare to ensure that orders go out on time without some sort of order processing system. Managing your sales staff, controlling your stock, so that you are never out of stock, can add to your

market, orders, product management, sales processing, sales, stock control, dispatching, retail, business, order processing, products, dispatch, purchase

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